Poet’s day

By Mariecia Fraser

It’s summer 2013, Andy Murray has just won Wimbledon for the first time and IBERS has announced it’s taking over Pwllpeiran.  But up at the site nothing is stirring, not even a (flying) mouse.  It’ll be over a year before the first new experimental plots are pegged out, and even longer before work can begin to replace the roof of the office block, which leaks badly but is also home to a colony of bats.

However, even though the science was on hold at this time something new and very different, linked to the site, was underway – thanks to IBERS appointing two Pwllpeiran Writers in Residence. You can find out more about the competition here:

Pwllpeiran Writer In Residence competition.

Poem image

A couple of years on and everything has changed.  So it seemed a good time to invite one of the writers, Elizabeth Godwin, back to Pwllpeiran.  Not only did she jump at the chance of a catch up, she brought along a copy of her work printed on beautiful hand-made paper for us.

We had a fantastic afternoon hearing all about the people she’d met and places she’d visited while developing her work, which was inspired by the landscape and history of the entire valley.  Unfortunately we were so busy talking we forgot all about taking a photo to commemorate the handing over of the final work….   Next time.

And there will be a next time, as we’re hatching all sorts of plans to take the collaboration forward (watch this space!).

Poem house

One of Elizabeth’s Poem Houses

In the meantime information about Elizabeth, her writing and photos of the amazing Poem Houses she creates as 3-D representations of her work are available on her blog:


One of the many nice details within the Pwllpeiran work is that includes a list of map co-ordinates to take you to the exact spot that inspired the work, so you can enjoy the words while immersed in the experience. We have a pdf version of it all we can print out (on water-proof paper if necessary…), so anyone fancying a literary treasure hunt round the valley just has to ask!

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